About us

About Us

Since 1991 our staff has specialized in helping laboratory equipment, reagents, supplies and accessories become available to nearly all scientific communities worldwide. Ensuring that customers receive the best/lowest price available on the market, maintaining strategic relationships with our key suppliers, in return, allows Allscience to provide all customers with the best and finest brands available today. Servicing the research, universities and industrial markets, Allscience strives on meeting each and every one of their needs by exceeding customer’s expectations. With dedicated sales staff representatives, Allscience is more than able to guarantee its services to its customers.

Allscience stands 100% behind its service and products by following strict policies and procedures that are implemented to give customers optimal service. Through error free, on time deliveries, and live chat support, Allscience stands out from the rest of its competitors by always committing its time on keeping customers informed and cared for with every order placed.

No matter how you reach Allscience - email, phone, chat or over the web, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service to each and every customer!

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